I am Júlia Kiss, a mother of 2 fantastic  kids with an immeasurable love and commitment to animals. Dogs have always played an important role in my life. My first afghan hound was saved from the Greyhound Breed Rescue (2014), he was called Samir. With him, I decided that not only would I want to be a hobbyist, but I would really go into breeding. After my main qualifications (Agricultural Engineer for Economic and Rural Development and Dental Assistant), I started my training as a Cynologist at Szent István University in the spring of 2019, so that I could expand my knowledge to provide as much as possible for all of my three breeds  and the kennel. My goal is to maintain a small kennel, where my breeding goals are primarily the birth of healthy dogs that are good to live with, all depending on how a particular litter fits in the herd. Accordingly, I also subject my dogs to regular medical screenings (both physical and genetic). The standard should be the most appropriate, stable nervous system. All three of my breeds require an active lifestyle, so I can only recommend them to someone who undertakes their proper fatigue. Not only physically, but also mentally. This includes coursing or racing track training for afghans, and herding or other sports for mudi and the pomeranian too, e.g. agility. Of course, this is not legal, the point is to get everything in some form. In terms of hair, the afghan hound  and the pomeranian need to be aware of how much work it takes. I am available for more informations in the form of a private message!